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Periodic Table
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This app displays the periodic table of elements as seen below.  It is designed for touch enabled computers and tablets.

The table is interactive in that each cell representing an element is touch active. Tapping on an element will display the properties of the selected element. Properties include Atomic and Isotope masses, Group, Type, Electronic Configuration, Oxidation States, Boiling and Melting points, Density, Crystal Structure, Electronegativities and Atomic Radii. Element discovery information is also displayed which includes who or what group discovered the element, location and date of discovery.

The Periodic Table and the data for the selected element can be printed and exported to .png formatted image files or to the clipboard.  In addition, the app supports printing of the legend, alphabetical and atomic numbered ordered lists and element electronic configurations. An Energy graph of the selected element's electronic configuration showing pairing of electrons with spin up and down arrows is now displayed and updated as an element is selected..  In addition, a timeline graph of the dates of element discovery and a graph of the electromagnetic spectrum have been added as have a number of reference tables.

Options have been added that will show within each cell Electronegativities or Atomic Radii. Also, voice output and input has been implemented which is good for students learning the table and those that want to navigate the table quickly.  Tapping on the speaker button activates it and then as an element is selected the element name will be pronounced. Tapping on the microphone button activates it and then as the name of an element is pronounced by the user that element is selected.


The following view shows a list of all of the elements from which an element can be selected. Once an element is selected then the data view is updated with its property values.


The following two views show the scrollable time line of the dates of element discovery. Moving the pointer over the element symbol will display a tool tip containing the Discovered By and Location data for the element. The second view shows different types of discovery lists with the list by discoverer with their picture being shown.



The following view shows the scrollable Electromagnetic Spectrum. Moving the pointer over a spectral region name and tapping on it will display a brief description of the region.


The following view shows the reference table popup where different tables can be selected. The current view shows the list of elements with their electronic configuration.


The following view shows an e-View for Samarium. As an element is selected this view is updated with its electronic configuration.



The following view shows the legend and other tabs that are used to display more application information.


The following view shows part of the description of energy shells and orbitals.




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