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Bioinformatics and General Purpose C# Code Applications and Components

bullet Microsoft’s Integrated Development Environment provides for extending the fundamental set of properties for a control through an IExtenderProvider class. Coupled with this is the capability for the class to provide specific data validation or processing for the control. In addition, all controls, of the supported types by the class, will automatically be extended with the additional properties, validators and processing.  An  IExtenderProvider C# class was developed for TextBoxes in a Windows Form application. The class is called TextBoxValidator and can be used to validate numeric, DateTime and string inputs by validating data type conversions, minimum and maximum range values and applying RegularExpressions. The C# project source code with extensive internal documentation for the class, a users manual and an example test application is included in the downloadable zip file.

                     Download BxValidators - TextBoxValidator   (new version as of 3/23/06)


bullet The main purpose of this application is to provide a developer with the ability to display and print documentation derived from tagged comment fields that exist within source code for methods, properties, events, enums, structs, and other types of programming entities. Tagged comments, which are preceded by triple forward slashes (///) that precede different programming entities within C# source code files, are converted by Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE into XML data and outputted as a Development XML File. This application will process this file and create different displays that will provide a reference for software development, show incomplete descriptions and inconsistencies in naming convention. Printed output could be used as part of CFR 21-11 software documentation.  This version creates a Title Page, TOC, Hierarchical API entry listing and an Index for all entries in the document. The application will also display a generic XML file.

                     Download BxDisplayXML Version (new version as of 8/28/2006)

bullet The main purpose of this application code is to illustrate how a User Control can be used with multiple graphics devices. The code shows using the User Control in the standard way and how to render its content onto a Window's Client area, Panel, Bitmap, and Printing using their respective graphics objects. It also shows how to implement Copying to the Clipboard and mouse move and mouse click operations. This version derived a new control called MyAlignmentButtons from AlignmentButtons to illustrate how to use and override virtual methods to provide changed behavior from the original control.

    Download MultiGDevices Version 1.3  (new version as of 10/6/2006)

The main purpose of this application code is to show an example of an algorithm that can be used to automatically layout controls upon resizing of an application.

     Download PrgLayout Version 1.0  (new version as of 9/7/2006)

The code is for illustrating concepts and is therefore NOT production quality code. BioXing assumes no liability for any defects or issues that may arise from its use.





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