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Windows Store Apps

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)


Periodic Table Reference is a Windows Store UWP App provides a reference for the Periodic Table of Elements.  The table is interactive in that each cell representing an element is touch active. Tapping on an element will display the properties of the selected element. Properties include Atomic and Isotope masses, Group, Type, Electronic Configuration, Oxidation States, Boiling and Melting points and Density, Element Electronegativities and Discoverer information (By, Location and Date). It also supports voice input and output. That is, saying an element name will select it and the app can pronounce the element name as it is selected.

The following link to the App in the Windows Store shows views contained in the App that can be viewed with any Web Browser:



Data Plot is a general purpose Windows Store App UWP plotting application. Data can be entered manually, loaded from text (.csv format) or saved DataPlot formatted XML files, copied from the clipboard or from one of the available parameterizable internal standard math and geometric shape functions.

In addition user defined functions can be entered and evaluated using their parameters to create a dataset of X and Y values. For example:
    f(x) = 10.0sin(5x)exp(-0.2x) or
    f(x) = 21.12 + 10.0*cos(5*x)*exp(0.2*x) or
    f(t) = 5(10t+4^(2)sin(6.3t)).

One to ten datasets of X,Y values can be plotted simultaneously in an overlapped graph or in individual graphs. A collection of X,Y values can not only represent data but they can be used to render shapes such as polygons, roses and spirals that are generated from geometric shape functions. Since plots of datasets can be overlapped, sets of mathematical shapes can be used in innovative ways to create objects that begin to show the power of mathematics in graphics. The following link to the App in the Windows Store shows views contained in the App that can be viewed with any Web Browser:


Award received December 6, 2013.

 Periodic Table of Fungicides - Windows 10 UWP Version This version is very similar to the desktop version (described below) but is obtained from the Windows Store and is touch enabled. The Windows Store App is designed to run on x86, x64 devices such as the Surface Pro and other Windows 10 touch enabled devices.   The following link to the App in the Windows Store shows views contained in the App that can be viewed with any Web Browser:


Award received March 1, 2014

 DataFit - Windows UWP Version This Windows 10 Store App performs linear least squares regression fitting to obtain a line of best fit for data. It is designed for scientific and business small datasets of less than 500 points, but it can handle larger.  Currently, the available fitting functions are Linear, Exponential, Logarithm, Power and Polynomial of order up to 10.  It determines the fit line equation, regression R² value, graphs the original data with the fit line and lists the original data with  predicted values. Data can be easily entered and edited manually or loaded from CSV files (tab, space or comma separated x and y values). The original data and results can be saved to an XML file for reviewing, editing and exporting. The graph of input data with fit line and its fit equation, R² value and tabular results can be printed.  The following link to the App in the Windows Store shows views contained in the DataFit App that can be viewed with any Web Browser: 




Windows 7 and 8 Desktop Version



Periodic Table of Fungicides-Desktop Version is an application that provides 'Fungicides of the World at Your Finger Tips!'. Based upon the Periodic Table of Fungicides V3.2 developed by Dow AgroSciences, the App is a convenient reference tool for agricultural specialists featuring basic information on the world's top 126 Fungicides. It includes, efficacy and behavior properties, mode of action and target site, resistance risk and FRAC codes, primary crop use patterns, basic physical properties and chemical structures. In addition, your own notes and observations about any fungicide can be recorded using the e-notebook annotation feature. Along with the periodic table view there are additional features such as ‘alphabetical search’, and views such as ‘by class’, ‘by fungicide’, and ‘by crop’ each of which can be printed. Helpful links are provided in the Legend. The Periodic Table of Elements with element and isotope properties is also included.

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Windows Phone Apps




Periodic Table Reference or Element Reference are names for the same Windows Phone App that provides a reference for the Periodic Table of Elements. The apps contain an interactive  Periodic Table of Elements with properties and isotope information for each element. The following are links to the Apps in the Windows phone store that shows views contained in the App that can be viewed with any Web Browser:

Periodic Table Reference:

Element Reference:


BioChemistry Reference is a Windows Phone App that provides a reference for biochemstry. It contains properties and molecular structures  of Amino Acids and Nucleotides. It also has  Codon mapping, C- and N- terminal groups and the Periodic Table of Elements.  The following is a link to the App in the Windows Phone store that shows views contained in the App and can be viewed with any Web Browser:


.NET Components


Components for use in the development of Microsoft .NET applications. These components are not only for bioinformatics applications, but because of their general purpose or functionality they can be used in the development of applications for other disciplines.

BxMicroTitrePlate is a customizable .NET component  for rendering an interactive microtitre plate graphic for use in applications that perform operations or measurements using microtitre plates and in applications where a microtitre plate would be useful as a summary or navigation tool.

BxReporter is a .NET component for creating complex reports using multiple disparate tabular data in applications. It is designed for displaying and printing scientific and business data from single to multiple pages. BxReporter contains proprietary algorithms that automatically performs fast and flexible data dependent table layout. Customization of table appearance, page headers and footers is provided through an extensive set of properties and methods.

BxReporterTree is a .NET User Control that prints hierarchical trees including ones that have tables at nodes and it automatically manages stitching of tree levels and tables across multiple pages. This is an add-on component for BioXing’s BxReporter product which is used to render tables and provide independent table customization at nodes.



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