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bullet White paper discussing how XML, XSLT coupled with HTML provide a natural and extensible technology for reducing laboratory workflow bottlenecks by linking informatics data systems to instruments, acquired data and downstream applications. The paper contains example code snippets with descriptions and example screen views that illustrate the technology.

       Smietana, Pete and Lou, Xing Jian; XML Facilitates Laboratory Workflow, Version 1.05, May 2004.

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bullet Guest Commentary - Bio-ITWorld

Smietana, Pete and Lou, Xing Jian; Better Lab Workflow with XML, Bio-ITWorld, May 2004 issue

bulletWhite Paper for .NET Development on using DataTables, DataSets and DataGrids for WebForm and WinForm applications. The paper is applicable to database and non-database applications.

       Smietana, Pete;  A Practical Guide to .NET DataTables, DataSets and DataGrids, November 2003, Updated February 2005

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This paper is also available on the C# CodeProject Web Site  at the following links:

Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 - DataTables
Part 3 - DataSets
Part 4 - DataGrids

bullet June 1, 2003 issue of Genetic Engineering News, BioBytes section

      Smietana, Pete and Lou, Xing Jian; Biomedical Informatics System for Life Science, p. 60-63.


bullet January 2003 issue of PharmaGenomics
Smietana, Pete  and Mansfield, Elaine; Current Requirements for Informatics Data Systems for Drug Discovery and Development, Volume 3, Number 1, p38-48 .

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