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The section provides a list of references and links to web sites.


1. Isotopes

      a. ChemEurope provides detailed lists of isotopic data including excitation energies.

      b. Radioactive Isotopes provides detailed list of radioactive isotopes by half-life.

      c. Radioactive Isotope Table provides list of radioactive isotopes with half-life greater than 1000 years.

2. Web Elements provides general chemical and historical element information.

3. Crystal Structure of elements.

4. Atomic Radii of elements.



Biology and Biochemistry

1. Biology Dictionary provides useful definitions and explanations of common biology terms.


Mathematical Modeling

1. Numerical Recipes in C, Cambridge University Press, 1990,  provides general algorithms for curve fitting.

2. Python Machine Learning, Sebastian Raschka, Packt Publishing Ltd., 2015,  provides an excellent reference for large data analysis and machine learning using python.



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